Wedding Cakes are priced based on the number of people the cake will feed, the distance involved in delivering the cake and accessories that will need to be purchased.  Please contact us for more information.  Below is a guide on how many people each layer will feed.

Pan Style: Size: Feeds:
Round 6 inch 12 people
Round 8 inch 24 people
Round 10 inch 38 people
Round 12 inch 56 people
Round 14 inch 78 people
Round 16 inch 100 people
Heart 6 inch 12 people
Heart 8 inch 24 people
Heart 10 inch 38 people
Heart 12 inch 56 people
Heart 14 inch 78 people
Heart 16 inch 100 people
Square 8 inch 32 people
Square 10 inch 50 people
Square 12 inch 72 people
Square 14 inch 98 people

Character cakes and general shaped cakes are priced $25.00, and can be customized to fit your specific needs.  They feed around 15 people depending on how the cake is cut, and can be combined with the different sizes of sheet cakes if you need to feed more than 15 people.  Below is a partial list of character pans and general shaped pans that we currently have.  If what you are looking for is not on the list please contact us for more information.

Character Pans General Pans
Powerpuff Girls Heart Shaped Pan
Donald Duck Enchanted Castle
Bob the Builder Book Shaped Pan
Pokemon Horseshoe
Popeye the Sailor Man T-Shirt
Yogi Bear 18 Wheeler
Barbie Stand up Doll
Barbie w/purse Double Heart
Big Bird with balloons 3-D Car
Batman Number One
Superman Mouse
Spiderman Juggling Clown
Soldier Over the Hill
Policeman Football (half)
Mickey Mouse Tractor
Pink Panther Star
Bugs Bunny Motorcycle
Sponge Bob Ballet Slippers
Blue’s Clue’s Basketball
Harry Potter Baseball
Dora the Explorer Soccer Ball
Disney Princess Ghost w/grave
Little Suzy’s Zoo Santa Claus Head w/wish list
Elmo Christmas Tree
Winnie-the-Pooh Turkey

We have several different icings that are available for your cake. Our most popular icing is the homemade butter cream icing. This is derived from an old famiy recipe.

We also offer a homemade chocolate icing and a homemade whipped icing. Contact us if you have any questions about these icings or concerning the availibility of icing types not listed.